Pukka Studios

An Indie Game Development studio

Pukka Studios is an up and coming game development studio. The majority of games are available on Android, Windows or you can play them right here on this site if you are on a desktop or laptop.


Attack The Bloxx

Come and play Attack the Blox. BrickBreaker type game my second real attempt at a game.9 levels to complete can you do it

Swipe Striker

Swipe at the screen to shoot the ball. There are two modes available. Survival mode puts you against the clock as you try and score as many goals as possible every goal you score increases time by 0.5 seconds as time goes on obstacles start to block obvious shoot routes. Challenge mode gives you 3 chances to shoot and score a goal passed various obstacles, there are 20 rounds can you beat them.

Juicy Fruits

A Fruit ninja type game although admittedly not as good.Without ads and made with Unity.

Invading Space

Space Invaders type survival game.


This is a unity community game jam entry. WASD or Arrow keys to move mouse to aim and shoot. Asteroids type game with waves of enemies chasing you down this is one of my first games and my first gamejam entry. The art is from Kenney assets and the music and sfx are from freesound.org. Hope you all enjoy.

Zig Zag Clone

A ZigZag clone without ads made on Unity with slightly different scoring system hope you enjoy.

About Me

Hi I'm Shaun I'm based in Manchester, England. My main passions are web, game and mobile development, music and gaming. To make this site I've had to learn how to use html, javascript, css and php. I started to learn to code in September 2017. I have chosen the self learning route as I'm not really in the position to attend college or university due to disablitiy but I have not let this stop me and I'm enjoying every step of the learning process.


I've always had a passion for music as a teenager and kid I used to make my own lyrics which I would then 'rap' over garage beats at my local youth centre and friends houses. I have currently made a few tracks and mixtape which you will be able hear parts of in my music section. Some are instrumentals I made on fruityloops and others are freestyles over other producers beats I mainly rap over grime and hiphop.

Game Development

As a gamer game development always felt like the right route to take on my coding journey. I first tried to use the html canvas then I looked for a javascript framework. I tried Phaser but as I was new to alot of things I struggled to set it up. Next I tried flash and godot. Godot was good and as I read more about flash it seemed to be getting phased out. The likes of apple refused to have flash work on their devices. The next game engine I tried and has really been helpful is Unity3D. Starting out on unity I followed through a few tutorials and after a few hiccups and pitfalls I managed to make a few games which if you want to try check them out here. If you ever plan to try game development I recommend that you try Unity3d.

Web Development

In September 2017 I did not have a clue about web development or how to make even a simple static website. Through online courses, videos and books I've managed to learn a decent amount as you can tell from this site bt there is still alot to learn.

Mobile Development

I'm yet to really crack this area of software development. I have fiddled about with nativescript, xamarin and android studios. I managed to make a simple temperature and weight converter (really simple stuff) so I'm familiar with the basics.